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Have you ever seen To Øl City?
If not it might be about time, but to start off you can buy this box of epic beers which really makes you want to GO!

1x To Øl 45 days Organic Pilsner

4,7% 330 ml. Can

Don’t fuck with the pilsner! That’s the creedo, when To Øl decided to make this pilsner. Slow fermentation and patience equals a better pilsner, and we think that To Øl did quite well on this one. No fuzz, just a solid well-made pilsner. 

1x To Øl Goes to Hollywood

Gose with Orange

3,8% 440 ml. Can

Gose? What is that? That’s a long story, but this is delish’, so let’s leave it at that. Goes to Hollywood is one of To Øl’s beers, that’s been part of their portfolio for a long time. The reason for that is that it is freakin’ tasty! Fresh, sour, slightly salty with a note of orange. Great beer for the summer, but if you ask us we’ll say: ‘Great beer for any time’.

1x To Øl Tropical Rumble

IPA with passion fruit, mango & Peach

4,0% 330 ml. Can

Tropical Rumble is a funny name. It’s a funny beer as well. A session IPA with passion fruit, peach and mango, that is here to rock your boat. Tropical notes all the way, without overpowering the hoppy notes. It’s balanced, it’s fun, it’s delicious and my gawd it’s picturesque! So if you want something-something to snazz up your instagram profile, whilst beeing tasty, this should be your pick!

1x To Øl Stereo Mono Talus

DDH IPA with Talus hops

6,8% 440ml. Can

Let’s get serious. Because this is a serious beer! There are long stories about this beer, the hops and it’s general origins, but all in all, we just think that it is a great beer. If you on the lookout for a DDH IPA with some serious punch, but also a quirky fruit driven character, this is one for you.

1x To Øl Garden of Sweden

IPA with blueberries & raspberries

6,4% 330 ml. Can

To be honest, the first appeal of this beer(in my head(Jesper)), was the name. But this was before i tasted it. 

Blueberries and raspberries in a beer has been done quite a few times, but fuck(!) this one is tasty! Berry presence, but they are not taking over from the fact that this is an IPA. And what an IPA at that. This beer will kick your ass and cuddle you at the same time. You want to drink six, eight, ten of them, but that’s not necesarrily a good idea, because this is a seriously potent beer. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t try, but be carefull(and have fun while you’re doing it).

1x To Øl Atomic Dog

Sour with blueberries & red grapes

5,0% 440 ml. Can

Nuclear hound? Maybe that does not say much about the beer, but what the hell… This has nothing to do with canines, but more so, sour beer.

This is a massively fruit driven sour ale with red grapes and blueberries. Rich and full to the brim of flavor and goodness. It has a hint of sweetness and a tart finish, that makes this a serious option for food pairings, whilst highly drinkable. Drink this and you’ll get in a good mood that will just get gooder and gooder!

Succes! Du er velkommen til at fortsæt med at handle. eller gå til din Kurv .