Mikropolis Party Kit

130,00 kr 150,00 kr

1x Lemon Verbena Gin & Tonic 6,5%

Gin & Tonic made by To Øl with a hint of lemon verbena. Clearly a gin & tonic, but it has a nice green hint of verbena because…they put verbena in it. I works. What can we say?

1x Bourbon Lemonade 5,5%

Bourbon, lemon, yuzu and a bit of ginger. What’s not to like? Not much.

1x Rhubarb Crush 6,5%

Rhubarb, vodka, vanilla, and …crush..? Yes. Drink that crush. It’s super tasty.

1x Bloody Mary 4,5%

Great Bloody Mary, lads and lasses. Very tomato forward, which works very well. Add a bit of your favourite hot sauce if you’re in the mood for a bit of spice. But otherwise a fantastic little can of goodness.

Garnish with a whole roasted chicken or something similar. The key to garnish is excess and inconvenience! Remember that.


Succes! Du er velkommen til at fortsæt med at handle. eller gå til din Kurv .